We teach Doctors to be a spiritual and handle Man(Be leader (Initiate, create peaceful world) be good/ be kind (trustworthy) ; be positive ; be balance  (quality man)


College of Health Science Krittaya Medical Graduate Institution is an institution of higher education adhering to the philosophy of life-long and life-along the Medical education by producing social leadership with plenty of knowledge, wisdom, and morality who Aretha able to apply sciences and technology for development to become an innovative educational institution of high standard based on the sufficiency economy philosophy also ethics.

Mission: quality  Man characteristics  to brave to fix the problems by his own ability that is University life and Maturity in social  responsibility.


To become an experience-based university aiming at producing graduates with knowledge, experiences and hands on professionals;To develop the graduates as “quality  man” of highly moral, spiritual, academic, well around, and modern;To develop appropriate environment, systems and mechanism to cultivate professional graduates for professional organizations; Leadership

To be a community of scholar and become a smart “digital platform that advantage to his carrier”

Dr.Krittaya Jantarasoon MD

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