The Postgraduate

The Postgraduate Collaboration end up will be Awarded to individuals Diplomatic, MSC, PhD (Fellows or non-Fellows) who have demonstrated leadership and excellence in advancing post-graduate medical education and residency training outside/inside country, through but not limited to enhancing, participating in, or promoting Doctor of Medicine frameworks, programs and/or collaborations. Postgraduate doctor may be, but are not necessarily, engaged with the organization, society, in a formal group or international collaboration agreement.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Practical Aesthetic Dermatology is for practising General Practitioners or other practising doctors who regularly deal with patients with aesthetic dermatological problems. This one-year, full-time distance learning course aims to enable doctors to successfully manage aesthetic dermatological problems in patients presenting to their surgeries. It is a highly interactive, online programme designed to equip the general practitioner with a sound understanding of skin disease as it presents in practice. Students are expected to use their individual study time to complete the modular learning material, which is available online, and complete further reading from dermatology text books and searches for material in journal articles and libraries. The success of the course therefore depends, to a large extent, on the input and enthusiasm of course participants.

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